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Boboiboy's First Meeting!
For each character:-

1) Yaya - The very first character that met Boboiboy. She popped out of nowhere in front of him which made him surprised. The girl offered him a help to show him the direction to Kokotiam Tok Aba but due to his shyness towards new people, Boboiboy rejected her offer which him regret later.

2) Gopal - The second one. He quickly assumed himself as Boboiboy's BFF as soon as he set his eyes on him. (And for a free Tok Aba's Special Hot Chocolate too!)

3) Ying - The third. She was shown as a very shy girl as she decided to call the Kokotiam to order a cup of Hot Chocolate when in fact she was at the Kokotiam herself. BoboiBoy took the call and quickly became her friend.

4) Ochobot - This power sphere followed Boboiboy home as he thought the boy was his master. At first Boboiboy thought Ochobot was an enemy sided with Adudu but the yellow robot denied it. Soon after, the robot gave him power watches which gave him elemental manipulation power.

Fang - I decided to choose the fight scene between Boboiboy and Fang at his so-called haunted mansion as their first meeting because at the train before, they just passed with each other, not even realized each other present. Their first meeting was a worst one, honestly.

That's all./ 😄
Yaya and TotoiToy!
Remember Totoitoy? He is Yaya's younger brother who appear in Season 1 of Boboiboy series. As far as I remember, he didn't make any appearance in season 2 and season 3. Well, among the gang, only Yaya and Fang are confirmed​ to have siblings while Boboiboy is the only child. (Not sure about Gopal and Ying)

In season 1, Yaya and Boboiboy's age is 10 years old while Gopal 11 and Ying 9. I think TotoiToy's age here might be 3/4/5 years old.

So in Galaxy series, with Yaya, Boboiboy and Fang's age are 14 years old, Gopal 15 and Ying 13, TotoiToy's age might be 7/8/9 years old. I don't know whether he has his canon age or not (I think not)

My artwork above are the result of me imagining how TotoiToy's look 4 years later since Season 1. His sister travelling in space, leaving him at the Earth,, I wonder what he think about that. After all, having a superhero's sister aren't an ordinary situation right?

I use a reference for this artwork.

This artwork has many flaws but I really enjoy drawing this😄

*I'm sorry for any grammatical errors in this description!* 😫


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